Friday, May 13, 2011

My new front door we've lived in our house for almost 9 years...I LOVE my house and am very grateful for it. Little did I know when we moved in that my front door was not see I was blissfully in love and just so tickled to have a house...that I didn't even notice and it came white which is the color I would have wanted it anyway.  It was probably a year after we moved in that Ry had mentioned that he needed to get the front door painted. I gave him the blank stare and said "it's not painted?" He said "no...and then went on to explain perfect weather conditions and a spray gun to be able to paint it." The one thing that he clarified several times was no wind. Have you been to my house? There isn't a day without wind...and if there is there is no husband with a spray gun. Well thankfully I am still blissfully in love..but ready for a painted front door. So today was the day (with no spray gun...sponge rollers work amazing. So with out further adieu...this is what I did today!  

It's definitely not white...still not sure about the color...but it's growing on me!  


  1. Love it and LOVE the "Welcome"... since that's how I feel everytime I knock on it!

  2. Even though I wondered if you had lost your mind when I saw you across the road standing on a chair painting it! It didn't take long for me to fall in love. Hey look at that house with the blue door ;)

  3. are always Welcome at my house!
    Heather...You know I thought I may have lost my mind..but I am beginning to love it..I think you're a genius on the pot ideas! That is next on my to do list!