Monday, August 30, 2010

Miss Porter

Spring last year we got a new batch of baby chicks. After a day or so my boys had them all named and Carson chose the name "Nemo" for his new chick. He played and played with his chick and if you know Carson you know the boy LOVES animals. When the batch of chicks got big enough we put them out in the coop with the other chickens. One day shortly after doing this "Gus" our dog got out of his kennel and attacked Carson's Nemo. I found Gus with Nemo in his mouth and thought ohhh no we are going to have a dead chicken! When I rescued Nemo he was still alive...but in bad shape and all the boys at this point are hysterical and it's right before school. I get Nemo up to the garage and in a little pet porter and a lamp on him. Hurry and get the boys in the car and we quickly said a prayer in Nemo's behalf. I was preparing the boys especially Carson for he worst and honestly wasn't sure if he would make it. After weeks of recuperating in the garage and hours with Carson...Nemo recovered. But because of the hours spent together...Nemo thought Carson was her mom and would follow him all around the yard and Carson would pack her all over playing with her. Here is a picture as evidence. 

Every time Carson would have  friends over he would want to show off his chicken to them. He got the same reaction every time from them.....screaming, crying and running the other direction. Carson honestly didn't get it...he loves his chicken and he would tell them how "friendly" she is. But no one wanted to play with Nemo with him. So Ryan and I decided to get him a kitty. His very own kitty. We found someone who had kittens and went over to look at them. Carson was so excited he could hardly stand it and that is how we got "Porter." Yes, that is her name...Carson named her all by himself. I don't believe there has been a cat so loved and played with.  She literally plays with Carson on the floor...she loves to attack his hair and but mostly she loves to snuggle and sleep with him. We have had her 4 months and she is still just as big as novelty to Carson as the day we brought her home. I told Ry last night as I watch Carson and Porter play together that she is one of kind that I had never seen a cat play like that. Ryan quickly reminded that there's never been a boy like Carson either who plays with a cat like that! I am thankful for Carson and his tender heart for his animals.

This is how I just found them...both sound asleep.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Perfect Day

Gavin and Ryan's baptism day turned out simply perfect. The weather, the food and the friends and family. It was a day none of us will forget. Here are a few pics from the day.