Monday, May 9, 2011

He gets me....

Today is not art...or scrapbooking or vinyl. Today is a little more personal. Yesterday (Mother's Day) started like the many other Mother's Days that I've had in the past. The boys all come in to my room to  give me their beautiful handmade cards and's my favorite part of my day to see their excitement in what they've made me for me. And  just like my Mom always told me...the handmade gifts are the best. Then Ryan handed me his card..I cold tell he was a little nervous...I was speechless and full of tears....this is it:

It's hand drawn...of our little family. You see I LOVE art and Ry knows it. It's not his love or passion and it's not something he is even good at...but he gets that is mine. For me it's a way I express my love to someone, usually through something I've made for them. When Ry handed me this...I knew that he gets me...more then anyone else who knows me. It only deepened my love for him and true thoughtfulness in knowing that a big fancy gift wouldn't have meant near as much.  For some it may seem silly...for me it is priceless.