Monday, December 26, 2011

My New Craft Table

I've been wanting a new craft for a long time. I've looked all over for one and have never been able to find just what I wanted. It either wasn't the right height or size, no storage, out my budget, or built poorly. My sweetheart has known of my dilemma and so we started scheming together my perfect craft table. The project got hurried along about a month ago when he brought home the top from his job site. They were tearing out several lanes at a bowling alley. Under the lanes they have a very thick layer of wood. It worked perfect for this! I couldn't be more happy with the results. It's the perfect's large enough for two people have plenty of room to work and the storage is perfect for my needs.

Here's a close up of the finish. We painted it black with Martha Stewarts Francesca black. Then sanded and applied Jacobean stain by mini wax. Topped it off with a few layers of clear satin sealer. Now I just need to find the right bar stools to go with it! 

If your interested in having a craft table built for you..Ry said he is taking orders! 

~Merry Christmas~


  1. Oh my word - it's beautiful! And extra special that it was built for you! Enjoy!!! All of a sudden my old school-computer lab desks don't look so nice :)

  2. I called you two the Dynamic Duo....that was an UNDERSTATEMENT! Awesome my friend. You deserved this fabulous gift! xoxoxo S

  3. Cathy...knowing you your space to craft is incredible and even if it's not what you make sure is! S...thank you...xoxo back at ya!