Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Calendar

I have been wanting to make this for long time. I was thankful for the opportunity to make one and hope to make many more! I think they are so cute and useful!

I am going to have different thicker ribbon...I'll have it this weekend. 

A unclose of the distressing.

The details: Finished size is 17X17 the glass is 12X12. These can be made in any color combination. $25

to order: phraseology  435.850.9873 or leave a comment here


  1. Hey Can i order one of these and Have the name part say The Nelson Family? If I can come get it sometime next week?

    Thanks Pam Judd

  2. What do you use to write on them?
    Renee J.

  3. Renee...just a dry erase marker...just like a white board.