Saturday, March 17, 2012

My art class...

I've been working on trying to find more balance in my life. Since I started Phraseology I've been working insane 80+ a week along with all the other duties I have in my life.  I've been trying to  shut off my phone after 5 and on the weekends. I've been trying to be more balanced in all that I am doing. One of those things for me is art and...I love art. I love the process of making art and I love creating things with my hands. For me it's simply therapy. I've been taking another class by Christy Tomlinson called Art of Wild Abandonment online. It's amazing! I've always played with acrylics and this class is all about water colors. Here is my first complete project... a little owl LOVE.

It's goofy and fun...but it helps me find balance in my life...which makes me a much happier wife and mom. Hope you have a happy Saturday.

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