Monday, January 17, 2011

Playing Around

About a year ago Ryan received a very special family heirloom from my Mom. It was my grandpa's leather working tools. It has been the most wonderful gift for both of us! I am sure you are thinking why would that be?  It's simple...I love to papercraft and many nights that I would like to play in my scraproom  I feel to guilty hiding away in their by myself.  Now that Ry has a hobby he can do along side has been so much fun. He works on leather...while I play around with paper. It's a great combination and we get in a lot of good conversation. It has been a real gift. a few cards I made the other night in one of our crafting sessions!


  1. I want to see your husbands crafts too!!

  2. Risae I will post some soon! Thanks Krista...that is what I was talking about the other night! We can use them for something I am sure!