Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boy Magnet Boards

I have been in the middle of a ton of projects lately and so many of them are actually almost done! It's such a sense of joy, relief and aahhhh! One of the projects has been for the festival of trees. I was asked by a friend to donate a few items to be sold. One of the requirements was that it needed to be children items. I immediately thought of all these cute girl things I could do. But then the mother in me came out. Being the mother of three boys I tend to think boy most of the time and decorating for a boy is hard. I also thought that the majority of the items made would be for a girl. So I came up with these magnet boards. I will show you two tonight and two more tomorrow! So come back and check them out.

Get creative with these! They can be made to match any room and any theme. They are 9X20 in size and come with 3 matching magnets.  Price $20

To order email me at phraseology, leave a comment or call 435.850.9873

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