Thursday, August 25, 2011

Willow Elementary

This last week has been so fun with the Willow Elementary school teachers. Since a new elementary school  opened this year in our little community there have been a lot of changes in our schools. One of them is the mascots. Willow Elementary changed to the wolves and the teachers have been amazing at integrating that new mascot into their classrooms and throughout the whole school. I have had the privilege of helping them do it! Here are some pictures...there will be many more to come!

These have been a huge hit! They are $16 if you want to order one for your teacher!

What a fun way to enter your classrom! 


Like I said...I have lots more to come! I hope all of you thank your has been amazing being with all of them and seeing what they do for our children...thank you thank you! 

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  1. Awesome!! Makes me want to go to school ... well, kind of. Good job!!