Monday, May 10, 2010

First Grade Circus

There is a tradition in Grantsville that has been going on since 1978. It's the First Grade Circus. I think every child in town looks forward to being in it and everyone (even adults now) can tell you what they were in the circus and who's hand they had to hold (that's a big deal to a 7 yr old). This year was Gavin's big year and he was a Wild West Trick rider. It is such a neat tradition...that we really hope won't come to a end with the schools splitting! Here's a few pics of our rodeo clown!

                                               Here he is in the entry holding Ava's hand!

    This was his part...they did tricks on these balls to music...had a shoot out and got shot!  It was cute.

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  1. He did fabulous!!! What a fun kiddo!!! He looked darling! I love the circus!! It was neat to have the kids do it this year :)!